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                                  At Realtech , we believe and understand this idea to its core. If you are looking for a web
design with a unique-look to give you a competitive edge, you’ve come to the right place.Our talented designers
create web designs that radiate creativity and originality, while maintaining a strong level of functionality,
sophistication, and business sense.

We not only launch your website, we launch your online identity.
We aim to translate your business to the World Wide Web, which could be critical to your future success. We target
four main areas which are essential to customer satisfaction and delight. They include




  ͏   Web Design & Usability

  ͏   Scalability

  ͏   Cutting Edge Technology

We will create a custom web design that will become an extension of your company’s image, cementing your
reputation for excellence, your credibility, and attracting new clients. All of our web designs are custom-made for
each of our clients, guaranteeing a unique-look that is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for their
specific industry and service. Fueled by a passion for what we do, our web designers consistently create unique
web designs that excel beyond expectations.

Whether you are looking to launch your first website, or give your current one a facelift, our web designs will:

Engage Customers -

Customers will be attracted by the dynamic graphics, interactive flash, intuitive layout, and
unique overall design of your website.

Stand Out From Your Competitors’ Sites -

We will establish an innovative and unique design concept that will go
above and beyond that of your competitors.

Establish Credibility -

Your site will exhibit your professionalism, reliability, and standards with an unparalleled
level of design sophistication.

Maintain Functionality -

We will design navigation tools that will facilitate and enhance user experience, leading
to more satisfied visitors.

Reap Long-term Success

- Unique, dynamic web designs will help establish long-lasting impressions that will drive
traffic and repeat visitors.

Website design Element-

Design plan and arrangement.
Decide on color, mass and pattern.
Functional purpose and creative endeavors of multidisciplinary knowledge.
Focus mainly on your audience.
Redesigning the site for improved business.
Best architecture and designing after understanding the requirements.
Redesigning site and implement better strategies.
Giving professional impression to the site.

We utilize following technologies for our Web Designing process:

   Adobe Photoshop
   Adobe Dreamviewer
   Adobe illustrator
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