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" We Enhance Your Value By Making Your Business Globally Unique " .

The world we live in is changing at a rapid pace. And this change, in turn, is creating a huge demand for better
technology solutions.

Looking for competent custom software solutions? We create it for you. Rising competition in IT industry has given
rise to desire of custom software development that requires an in depth proficiency of developers and flexible yet
structured methodology to create high quality software development solutions with tactical differentiation and
operational superiority. We believe in increasing competitiveness in the global scenario by offering:

Experienced, skilled, highly qualified and technically proficient team dedicated to deliver the products and services
which are trained time to time by our own industry experts team having more than 20 years of exposure to
technology and keep the team updated with the latest technology trends.
1-Fully cycled software development process, right from product design and offshore software development to
outsourcing application support, maintenance and enhancement..
2-Cutting down and integration of multiple process initiatives.
3-Unparalleled speed of execution.
4-Reduction of development costs.
5-Compression of development time.

Software Development Principles:

• Members: each with a minimum six years software development experience.
• Coordination: software developers that have worked together many times before.
• Leadership: coordinating of skill-sets and production to fulfill client expectations.
• Approach: more than one software developer familiar with project intricacies.
• Skills: technical relevance; the appetite for solutions that are both practical and logical.
• Flexibility: the ability to respond quickly to changing specifications and goals.
• Agile Methodology: Short Release Cycles, Peer Review, and Continuous Communication throughout project.
• Passion for the Art of Software Development
Our staff has worked together successfully on hundreds of different custom software projects!

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Software Development Company in Gwalior

Realtech Infotech works with you, enhancing your competitiveness with Information Technology Outsourcing
services. Leveraging our best resources and facilities, we help manage your business-critical operations. Core
Solutions looks at your business processes and applications together to bring you the advantage of Information
Technology Outsourcing.

Custom Software Development

In Customized Software Development, customer can ensure their exact business strategies are incorporated in its
full, especially when packaged products does not adequately address their requirements. This reduce gaps in the
functionality provided by commercial packaged applications, add aspects of the business process unique to your
business and provide solutions for business processes for which solutions are not available in the industry. Core
Solutions teams define a scalable and high-performance architecture and develop the right solution for you. We
also provide program and project management experience to manage the process, delivering business solutions on
time, on quality and on budget.

Software re-engineering and Maintenance

To keep our clients applications updated with the fast changing business models and evolving business strategies,
we provide application maintenance service ensuring the system flexible with the latest business changes. In
order to keep up with the latest and high performance technology platforms and methods, we provide the service of
Re-engineering or Re-modeling our clients software to achieve the same strategic objectives.    
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