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Website Design
Website Design
Annual Subscription
Home Computer Amc
1,000/-Rs. Per Pc*
Business Computer Amc
1,000/-Rs Per Pc*
Servicess & Support
Networking & Server Support
5,500/-Rs Per Pc
Hardware Repair Service
1,200/-Rs Per Pc
On Demand onsite services 
300 Rs./ Per Call
* Condition Apply



                             Keeping your complex IT systems up and running at peak productivity can be challenging and


expensive. As a trusted IT support provider, Strategic Marketing Services provides uninterrupted support


services for all your IT hardware needs. Our fast, efficient and cost-effective AMC services keep your computer


systems and networks at peak performance throughout the year.

To meet these challenges, Strategic Marketing Services offers focused solutions for building and managing your
entire IT infrastructure needs. With our IT support, you can concentrate on critical business issues while we do
all the hard work.

We provide support for all type of Home PCs, Servers, Laptops, Printers and all computer accessories and
consumables. We deal with all types of branded products such as Intel, AMD, HP, Compaq, Asus, LG, Sony, Creative,
Logitech, Samsung, Canon and more support and service amc. We also assemble computers on request.Our
Services including computer AMC, Computer Rentals, Computer Repair, LAN Network  support, Data Recovery, On-
site component upgrade, Troubleshooting, New system setup, Software Configuration, Anti-virus Protection, Spy
ware detection and more. We specialize in providing onsite computer repair services, computer amc and network
support for small and medium-sized businesses. Our commitment to world-class customer service has made us
the most respected on-site computer repair and support provider in our service area.

AMC service Plans:

Desktop / Laptop / Printer Support

    Assembling and upgrading the PCs.
    Hard disk data recovery.
    Printer and Monitor maintenance, repairing and servicing.
    Repairing of Hard Disk, Modem, Mother Board and CD-ROM etc.
    Services based on Internet.
    Protecting the system from virus and removing of Software.

Network AMC Service

    Ensuring high availability of networks at all times
    Identifying LAN faults & getting them resolved
    Install network printer, scanner and shared devices
    Support for LAN, Wi-Fi, FTP, VPN, Firewall, Router
    Optimize network speed, performance and fix network locks.
    All the services related to Networking.

AMC terms and Conditions

AMC with parts / AMC without parts AMC Services require a contract duly signed by both parties; we accept
payment 100% in advance, along with the signage of contract.
Hardware AMC
Our Services
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